SSD and Operation System Upgrades - UPDATED (05/04/2019)

Beginning April 07th 2019 our Data center will be upgrading  cPanel hosting accounts to a newer, better, faster, more secure software and hardware solution.  Benefits include: 24 CPU Cores and 64 GB RAM SSD Storage with RAID10 protection CentOS 7 64bit Operating System The latest version of cPanel   These software and hardware ... Read More »

5th Apr 2019
MySQL 41-byte Password Format Now Enforced

In an effort to increase security and ensure upgradability on our shared hosting platform, all MySQL passwords must now conform to the the 41-byte password hash format. This format came out in MySQL version 4.1 in 2003, 11 years ago. As cPanel continues to ensure security standards are kept in line to upgrade their product we too must keep in ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2014
Server Down Report

Frist of all sory for this issues.The issue in question Saturday morning on September 15th was a result of a large scale, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched at our network. The attack targeted blindly over 2,000 ips on our network across multiple different network blocks - which caused an issue with the automated means by which ... Read More »

14th Sept 2012
client area has been moved

  Dear,Friend; LankaGreenHost client Area has been move to we have issued and installed  SSL onto the domain then  if you have a any Problem Please Touch ; Don't Use Thank You! LankaGreenHost Lankagreenhost Hosting ... Read More »

13th Aug 2012

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