Frist of all sory for this issues.The issue in question Saturday morning on September 15th was a result of a large scale, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched at our network. The attack targeted blindly over 2,000 ips on our network across multiple different network blocks - which caused an issue with the automated means by which we deflect, block, drop, filter and route such types of attacks. The end result caused a routing problem at the distribution level for significant portions of our network.

While our engineers are still reviewing the issue, the device/system which caused the issue has been brought out of automated mode, and we are working with the vendor and examining this more closely. In the mean time our standard DDoS filtering systems at our edge juniper network remain online, and the current attack was filtered successfully. Additional staff are on hand to assist any clients who have or had an issue as a result of this incident.

We take such matters very seriously, as I'm sure our clients do as well.
We take great measures in network design, hardware, capacity and staff training to avoid such issues - in this case the systems in place were the cause of any network connectivity losses, and not the actual DDoS attack (the scale/scope was well within our capabilities to block/filter).

Thank You

Friday, September 14, 2012

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